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  • We are a husband and wife photo team specializing in documentary style photography. What does that even mean you say? Well it means that the most important photographs aren't things like that epic kiss on the alter, it's actually the elated look on your faces when you are announced as husband and wife. It's how you react when your great aunt kisses you on the mouth. It's the embarrassed look you make when your dad tells the story he promised he wouldn't. It's when you accidentally spit out your drink because you laughed too hard, again. Yes, it's all those seemingly ordinary moments where beauty is. This is your one story, and your one life. Those are the moments you don't want to ever forget. We are Eric and Grace and we are dreamers, foster parents, Kansas City Chiefs fans, jokesters, diy-ers who promise to tell your honest, real, and beautiful story.

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The day Julian became a Davis.



Julian officially moved into our house in May of last year. He was 20 months at the time but developmentally about a 12 month old. I remember the first day we met him, I’ll never forget it. It was sort of anti climactic. Ya know, walking into a McDonalds, a place our family never frequents, and meeting our son. It was just so weird. I’m so thankful for the weirdness of the whole thing. But it just felt like, man, this shouldn’t have to happen. Families should stay together. I wish people wouldn’t hurt each other like they do. We spent those moments just staring at him, watching him play, and waiting for him to warm up to all of us. Eric and Theo have a very robust and wild relationship, and they both have the loudest voices ever. Julian just watched them together, for quite awhile. We knew he’d never even seen anything like that before but he was excited to get in on the action. At one point Jude’s foster mom turned to me and said, “so how often would you like to do visits with him before we get permission for him to move in.” uhhhh me? What do I know? You’re the one who’s had him his whole life. It was in that moment I realized, Julian was an orphan. He had no mom, no dad. All he had was the system, somewhere off in the distance. But now, now I’m the mom. And I make decisions for this person I don’t even know, and that I’ve spent about 4.38 minutes with so far. As fast as a flash of lightning, I became his advocate, his care taker, his provider, his teacher, his nurterer for better or for worse. Nothing could prepare anyone for what that feels like. It is the most devastating but wonderful thing. all. at. the. same. time.

Last month, Julian became an official Davis. The road to that day in December has been one of the best, most challenging, most rewarding, most demanding things we’ve ever walked. Just all the things. Adoption is really really hard. No one ever talks about how hard it is. I had no idea that it would take me a long time to build a bond with Jude. I didn’t get it that day at McDonalds. It’s hard when the system is a gigantic beast and things are always changing and people coming in and out. It’s hard and sad when I think about what Julian had to be born into and I get mad that he had to pay the bill for a check he didn’t write. It’s hard when you learn that you’re not really a great person at all and that you’re not as patient as you thought, as loving as you thought, and certainly not nearly as strong as you thought. It’s hard to explain to your spouse what this feels like for you and when you don’t really know what each other is going through. Basically we just weren’t ready for the road ahead. We had no idea. But I’m so glad we didn’t, I thank God that we didn’t know.

Because if we knew, we never would have gotten to stay up with Julian all night and ask God to heal his brain and to help him trust us. We wouldn’t get to see Theo learn what it means to treat others as better than ourselves. We wouldn’t have gotten to move to a house we’d only dreamed about. We wouldn’t have gotten to see all the people that Julian brings together. We wouldn’t have met new lifelong friends that we get to walk this journey with because their on it too. But most of all, we wouldn’t have had to learn that we are not the point of life. Ha! I, am not the point of life. The harvest that hardship produces is worth it. The adventure is worth it. The cost is worth it. The things things that we have built up inside us, the issues that our hearts long to see change, the thing you keep coming back to over and over, chances are really good that you were created for that thing. A lot of people don’t ever do the things they were created to do because they are afraid to suffer and to do hard things. They want the dream but they aren’t willing to participate in making it happen. Nothing good is ever free though. But every single time, it’s worth it.

So what’s next for us? Well, we are planning on adopting again because there are too many children whose stories are like Jude’s. We will never live the same way again. We are asking what Jesus is leading us to next and what those dreams are that are built up in our hearts that we’ve said no to because we were afraid of the cost. Then by the grace of God, he will help us do those things.

Adoption works. Ya know why? Because Jesus. Him in his great love appointed us to walk this road out of our comfort and safety and into a life of hardship and adventure. Costly? Yes. Worth it? Absolutely. He is my only hope, he is your only hope. We are the Davises, and this is our story.

Here is us, with Julian the day we finally got to meet him. At McDonalds.


This is all of us, the day Jude became a Davis.

(all these photos are taken by the amazing Cate over at Insta Birth Story)


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Emily - Over here sobbing, nbd. Love you guys.

A backyard wedding in Kansas made with love.



We tell each our couples that our desire is to tell the story of how it felt to be there the day they get married and of the amazing thing that happens when all they people they love are in one space. And we really mean it. But when all the people Jane and Kyle love were all together in the space of the backyard she grew up in, with the pies her friends baked, with the ring bearer outfit her mom sewed, with the flowers another friend arranged, and with all the love in the world: we never knew it would be this amazing.

See what I mean:

















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The day JP and Katie got married.

Magic is all around us. It’s in the everyday and in everything. In laughter, in really good food, in a kids sub par dance moves, in rolling the windows down on a nice day, in doing laundry and cleaning the house for the people you love. Little glimpses of heaven. Life is really really good, don’t you think?

Magis was everywhere the day JP and Katie got married, we saw it as Katie looked at her family sitting in her living room as she got her hair done. And when JP decided to go to Dillard’s to get a new white button up because the one he had wasn’t quite perfect enough. We saw it when JP saw Katie in her white dress overlooking the Kansas prairie and the air was totally still. We saw it as after the ceremony as we were taking photos they ran at each other full speed and practically tackled each other.

We witnessed magic on this day. And we got to remember again, with JP and Katie, why we are all here. For love.








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Drew and Kayla’s backyard wedding.



Kayla told us that at one point she thought it would be really wonderful if she could marry Drew at the same place they met. Not many people have that story. Drew and Kayla didn’t intend to have that story, but now that’s the one they will tell their children and grandchildren. They had planned to get married this coming November. The caterer was booked, the venue booked, the dress purchased and the date set.

Because we like to really know the people that we photograph, we eat meals with them and sip coffee and ask questions and hear their story. Well when we had our meal with Drew and Kayla, they sat across the table from us and told us about how they didn’t want that big wedding anymore and they didn’t want to want to wait any longer. They wanted a simple wedding with the people they loved most, in her grandpa’s back yard where she grew up and where they first met….and they’d like it to happen in 3 weeks. They made it happen and they got all the things the best wedding days are full of: love, lots of laughing, good people, all the memories, and a marriage.

The entire day, Kayla kept checking in on her bridesmaids, her little brother, Drew, everyone, and asking them how they were doing and if she could get them anything. Even Eric and I. She literally cooked me and her bridesmaids grilled cheese for lunch, on her wedding day. Who does that?  And I watched something so amazing happen, that day was about more than stuff and obligations to fulfill with things that had no meaning to Drew and Kayla. It was about people and a story that was unique and amazing all on its own.

Drew and Kayla: You both have an incredible gift to serve and take care of those around you, please don’t stop.
















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